How PRISM’s technology can transform the asphalt industry

By Scott Dmytrow
Senior Vice President of Business Development

For decades, scientists have been working towards solutions to reuse rubber more effectively. With decreasing resources and increased tire waste on a global scale, it has become critical for industries that rely on rubber to innovate and grow. The science has finally arrived to support a more sustainable rubber industry. Our old way of sourcing products can fundamentally shift with new PRISM Thermoplastic Rubber (PTR™) technologies.

The rubber industry now has a closed-loop recycled option through PRISM’s first-of-its-kind patented process that converts crumb tire rubber at a molecular level into fully-functional thermoplastic rubber that can be used in roads, roofs, tires or industrial applications. The process keeps all of the valuable polymers, sulfidic bridges, and carbon black intact.

What does this mean for these industries? It means we now have a fully cross-linkable thermoplastic rubber derived from ground tire rubber that can be adapted for use across these industries. It means sustainable product production. PTR™ can be tailored and interfused with asphalt for use in roadways or meet the unique specifications for roofing materials. PRISM Enhanced Asphalt Rubber (PEAR™) is the resulting product. 

Early testing shows that PTR™-infused asphalt lasts longer and is more durable than existing asphalt products. On roads, we believe that PEAR™ can provide up to two times the life expectancy of current asphalt roadway binders, thereby extending the life of the roads. In roofing materials, PEAR™ will increase granular retention and reduce damage and wear from the elements – rain, hail, wind, and extreme temperatures. Our findings are based on 30 years of the development and testing these processes.

More than PTR™ and PEAR™, we are introducing a system to support roadway repair crews on the ground. Wavebond™ technologies, when combined with PEAR™ products, can help repair potholes on-site – creating fully recycled asphalt pavement sections that will be permanent repairs, instead of the temporary single -day or annual fixes currently employed.  

In a world facing climate-change, resource loss, and increasing demands for rubberized products in commercial, industrial, and residential applications, we can be a part of the solution. We can help you use the current waste stream of tire rubber in a cost effective manner for your business.