An average used tire contains 16 lbs of thermoset rubber which, until now, was impossible to convert back to a re-crosslinkable thermoplastic rubber. Our process does just that.


Imagine new tires from used tires that are even more efficient than the original, permanent pothole fixes in a community, asphalt roofing shingles made with recycled materials that provides better protection against severe weather and climate conditions PRISM™ offers industries a sustainable solution with unlimited potential.


How PRISM’s technology can transform the asphalt industry

For decades, scientists have been working towards solutions to reuse rubber more effectively. With decreasing resources and increased tire waste on a global scale, it has become critical for industries that rely on rubber to innovate and grow.

Permanent Pavement Fix

America’s roads are in constant need of maintenance. With our HALOTM WaveBondTM system, road crews can repair cracks and potholes permanently. Our system heats the existing asphalt binder, allowing it to interfuse with our PRISM Enhanced Asphalt Rubber (PEARTM). The process takes as little as 15 minutes, has almost zero emissions, and creates a permanent fix. The…Read More