An average used tire contains 16 lbs of thermoset rubber which, until now, was impossible to convert back to a re-crosslinkable thermoplastic rubber. Our process does just that.


Imagine new tires from used tires that are even more efficient than the original, permanent pothole fixes in a community, asphalt roofing shingles made with recycled materials that provides better protection against severe weather and climate conditions PRISM™ offers industries a sustainable solution with unlimited potential.


Prism Announces Opening of New Facility

Prism Worldwide (PWW) is pleased to announce the opening of a brand new, state of the art production facility in Reno, Nevada. The 70,000 SF plant will manufacture Prism Thermoplastic Rubber (PTRTM) as well as WavebondTM HaloTM Repair Units and Tunnels.  PWW expects to use the equivalent of ~1.2 million passenger tires per year of crumb rubber as production ramps up to 40 tons…Read More