Can you create an asphalt pavement that will last significantly longer? We can…

PRISM™ road technologies (38 patents and counting) have been developed to allow the industry to build and rebuild roads more efficiently and economically. Existing and new processes using PRISM™ Enhanced Asphalt Rubber (PEAR™) will allow contractors to build more durable, quieter and more fuel efficient roadways. Our WaveBond™ processes will also give state and local maintenance crews a more cost effective means of repairing and replacing their streets and roads.

Better roads means stronger communities.


The WaveBond™ RAP Recovery Process

The WaveBond™ RAP Recovery Process can heat the existing binder in RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement) that is non-oxidized (about 80%) with photonic waves, and when entangled with 1% new PEAR™ liquid binder on-location creates a better, stronger material. Our technology allows for 100% of RAP material combined with 1% new PEAR™ asphalt to be used to create a new road surface. This will be an industry first!

WaveBond™ TunnelSystems

  • Transforms RAP stockpiles into PTR™ Enhanced HMA on site
  • Photonic waves heat the liquid binder portion of the RAP but not the aggregate
  • Reuse of existing asphalt binder reduces need for new binder by up to 80%
  • Every mile of roadway made with 100% RAP eliminates 250 barrels of crude oil production
  • Reduction of trucking to and from production facilities eliminates up to 2 tons of carbon emissions per roadway mile

WaveBond™ HALO™ Flat Panel Repair Systems

  • In conjunction with PEAR™ bag mix, Flat Panels are a permanent fix for potholes
  • Configurable size and shape platform will conform to your needs
  • Portable and maneuverable for maintenance crews
  • Average repairs can be completed in 10 minutes or less

Current Patents

PRISM™ Thermoplastic Rubber (PTR™)
PRISM™’s patent pending process chemically and physically converts ELT thermoset rubber into a valuable thermoplastic rubber product (PTR™) while leaving essentially all the valuable polymer, linkages, and carbon black intact. Most importantly, it does not break or destroy the sulfur bonds in the process, a major breakthrough for the rubber industry. Patent Filing no: US 16/053,708 & US 62/703,366

The WaveBond™ Tunnel Technology process allows the recovery of existing, brittle asphalt on location or at a RAP material storage yard. Patent No: 62/458982

WaveBond™ HALO™ Flat Panels and a portable platform, a crew can move to trouble spots quickly and efficiently without smoke, fire, RAP trips, and longer traffic delays. This high-speed process, in conjunction with our PEAR™ ready mix repair material, creates a permanent fix to pothole issues. Patent No: 9347187 & 8992118


Less Noise

Roadways using rubberized materials have been shown to reduce road noise.

More Durable

Hot Mix Asphalt roads built with PEAR™ will last longer and be more durable than existing asphalt roads.

Fuel Efficiency

PTR™ roads result in better running resistance, less cracking, and substantially smoother roads. Smoother roads means less fuel wasted.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

For every 100 tons of RAP material we convert into usable hot mix, our process can reduce up to one ton of carbon emissions.

Safer Roads

Smoother, more durable roads means a safer community. By eliminating the additional risks to first responders from dilapidated roads we can make our communities safer.

Eliminate Pot Holes

Crews can now create a permanent fix for a pothole, from start to finish, in one single pass—in under ten minutes.