Prism ViaTecTM polymers are used to modify asphalt products for improved performance. ViaTec is intended to be used as a stand-alone additive or incorporated with other polymers for additional benefit. ViaTec is sustainable as it is created from greater than 95% recycled tire content that has been converted into a polymer intermediate product using a patented process.

ViaTecTM Polymer is:

  • Designed to modify asphalt systems in a broad range of applications:
    • Hot Mix
    • Asphalt Emulsions
    • Crack Seal
    • Asphalt Roofing
  • Lower in greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86% vs virgin polymers (ref report)
  • Not tied to crude oil markets = reduction in price fluctuations
  • Sustainable and adds value to performance asphalts
  • Manufactured in US

Prism’s ViaTecTM Polymer:

  • Is easy to add to your paving grade asphalt at the plant or terminal
  • Can be blended at low or high shear at temperatures from 300 -400°F
  • Is functional within many different asphalt bases – (Tested with Table I and Table II asphalts)
  • Quickly incorporates and becomes homogeneous with base asphalt (Average blend times are 30-45 minutes with a low shear blender)
  • Is stable after addition and does not exhibit settlement issues
  • Increases PG grades to PG-M grades
    • Small grade bumps or multiple grade bumps depending on base asphalt and amount of additive

Improves upper end without damaging lower end of PG Grade