The portable “mini” WaveBond™ Halo™ Repairs System is the most agile of our technologies by allowing crews to create a permanent fix for a pothole from start to finish in one single pass—in under fifteen minutes.

The road to smoother, safer communities starts with permanent pothole repair.

For the very first time we are using the existing binder, phononic waves and PRISM thermoplastic rubber to create a permanent fix to potholes – and an end to the insane, endless pothole repair cycle. WaveBond™ HALO™ Flat Panels are attached to a portable platform , this high-speed process is the first step towards smoother, safer roads and communities.

Configurable FLAT PANELS

WaveBond™ panels come in segments sized appropriately for your project and create phononic waves that heat pavement to 2” deep in record time. The system is powered with the latest clean energy 480V 3-Phase Tier 4 AC generators.

Stronger, Permanent Repairs


Adding PTR™

We then add the critical component of PTR™ to enhance and strengthen the existing pavement materials that have been heated. PTR™ adds the value that only a fully crosslinkable thermoplastic rubber from recycled tires can bring.

No Open Flames

HALO™ Pulse Waves heat only the binder around the aggregate into a liquid form that flows and moves. It can then be re-bonded with new materials.

WaveBond™ HALO™ Flat Panels and a portable platform, a crew can move to trouble spots quickly and efficiently without smoke, fire, RAP trips, and longer traffic delays. This high-speed process, in conjunction with our PEAR™ ready mix repair material, creates a permanent fix to pothole issues.


More durable binders = less road failures


In conjunction with PTR™ creates a permanent fix.


The first on site repair to interfuse existing binder. 


A permanent repair in 15 minutes or less. 


No Smoke, No Burn, No Problem.