How We Make a Difference


How We Make a Difference

Where others see...

A longstanding environmental issue, fire hazards, mosquito farms, and fuel.

Prism sees…

Raw materials ready to be converted into performance oriented thermoplastic rubber intermediates.

Prism is focused on taking end of life tires and plastics and converting them into performance polymers to replace virgin materials while addressing a pressing environmental need.  


Reduced tires
in landfills

According to the USTMA, forty-three percent of spent tires are used as fuel.  Sixteen percent are used for other purposes such as civil engineering projects (5%) and other low-value applications such as synthetic mulch, sports surfaces, and so forth. Sixteen percent are still placed in the landfills. This means that only 6.6% of any given passenger tire is truly reused or recycled.   Prism’s process provides the opportunity to upcycle a significantly larger portion of the tire which will reduce the need and use of finite resources.

U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association – 2019 U.S. Scrap Tire Management Summary


Reducing plastic in environment

Prism’s new plastic recycling technology can dramatically increase the use of recycled plastics and reduce the footprint of the manufacturer of new plastic materials. 

Reduced demand on natural resources

There are important efforts underway from the Forest Stewardship Council to improve the environmental and social aspects of sourcing rubber. However, the best way to reduce these impacts is to reuse the material. Up until now, that hasn’t been possible.

Performance plus green

Our well-tested technologies make possible a long-overdue, dramatic change in the rubber and plastic industries and allow a shift toward a more sustainable future. Prism polymers preserves all the valuable components used in the manufacturing of tires and reuses them in future products – instead of re-tapping the environment.