Prism was founded on the principle that there should be a better use for end-of-life (ELT) tires. We recognize that to solve this long-standing issue we need solutions that provide performance-oriented products, and this requires that we address the problem differently. 

We are bringing new patented chemistry and technology to the market that produces novel polymers that can be used in a broad range of applications. 

These thermoplastic elastomers are derived from ground tire rubber. The result is a new polymer intermediate that offers performance solutions in multiple markets and applications. Our polymers enable higher value uses for end-of-life tires and offer a route to Making Tires More Circular™.  

Our Vision

To serve a broad range of industries and supply chains as a leading clean technology company providing sustainable circular polymers.

Our Mission

To provide circular polymers that offer performance and value and provide them to our industrial partners, enabling them to achieve sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint. These polymers are produced from end of life tire and recycled plastic materials based on our patented technologies.