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Prism Worldwide acquires CRC Polymer Systems

Prism Worldwide enhances their manufacturing and compounding capabilities.

Kirkland WA, 11/02/2022. Prism Worldwide (Prism), a clean technology company, has acquired CRC Polymer Systems (CRC), a custom compounding company supplying compounds, resins, and colors to the plastics industry. “We are pleased to have found an ideal partner in CRC,” said Bob Abramowitz, CEO of Prism. “The strategic combination of Prism and CRC’s knowledge and technology will accelerate Prism’s entrance into the sustainable polymer market.”

By purchasing CRC, Prism will increase its capacity for product development, compounding, blending, and distribution throughout the US and North America. The introduction of Prism’s novel upcycled polymers into CRC’s existing proprietary compounds will produce new sustainable product options. Combining the two companies will allow Prism and CRC to deepen their commitment and ability to meeting existing customers’ needs and offering new circular polymers in a multitude of markets.
“This joining of forces between CRC and Prism creates a synergy where we can use the clean technology created by Prism and take it to the next level to better serve Prism and CRC’s expanding customer base,” said Todd Ewing, previously Co-Owner and Vice
President of CRC and now taking on the role of Prism/CRC General Manager.

About Prism Worldwide
Prism was founded on the principle that there should be a better use for end-of-life (ELT) tires. We recognize that to solve this long-standing issue we need solutions that provide performance-oriented products, and this requires that we address the problem differently.
We are bringing new patented chemistry and technology to the market by producing polymer intermediates derived from ground tire rubber. These performance solutions for asphalt markets (ViaTec™), TPE markets (Ancora™) and polymer markets (Ennova™) are sustainable and circular, creating higher value uses for end-of-life tires and offering a route to Making Tires More Circular™.

To date, Prism has raised over $36 million in funding from the private capital markets.

About CRC Polymer Systems, a division of Prism Worldwide
CRC supplies a complete line of compounds, resins, and color/additive concentrates from its compounding & distribution facility in central NY state. CRC’s focus on application specific solutions combined with strategic alignment with major resin producers of both engineering and commodity resins, has resulted in significant growth since 2000. CRC’s facility just outside of Rochester, NY houses their compounding plant, complete with bulk storage and rail siding, along with an extensive pilot plant and materials lab for product development.

Media Contact:
Mark Kinkelaar
Chief Commercial Officer