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Tires and rubber

Custom Compounds

Asphalt Modifiers

Thermoplastic Elastomer

Polymer Modifier

Tires and rubber

The development of Ancora™ rubber modifier allows the replacement of virgin polymers in automobile tires. The research is ongoing, and Prism is in testing with three of the leading tire manufacturers. This ongoing project is delivering promising results.


PRISM works directly with customers to develop custom compounded solutions. These solutions can be press-ready compounds or masterbatches depending upon application and production requirements.

Thermoplastic Elastomer

Ancora™ thermoplastic elastomers are manufactured using Prism™ polymers. Ancora elastomers use a high percentage of recycled materials and can be used to create many different items. Since these materials are primarily created from waste streams, the newly created items are environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Ennova™ polymer modifer is added to thermoplastic compounds to improve impact resistance while using recycle content. Our current project is replacing virgin HDPE materials with compounds using Ennova to improve durability and strength.


Prism’s ViaTec™ polymer modifier is used in asphalt applications. Asphalt is commonly modified with virgin synthetic rubber (especially SBS copolymer) to improve durability. ViaTec circular polymers offer a sustainable alternative to these materials. Whether used to improve asphalt binder for roads, or in roofing applications, Prism technology can help improve service life and performance.

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