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Thermoplastic Elastomer Compounds

  • Performance oriented TPEs
  • Press ready black pellets for injection molding
  • Suitable for use in a broad range of applications
  • Typical physical and haptic properties found in virgin TPEs
  • High recycle content:
    • Over 50% post consumer content
    • Polymer derived from end of life tires using patented Prism process
    • Up to 86% less greenhouse gas emissions per lb of Prism polymer vs virgin materials
  • Excellent injection molding & processing characteristics:
    • Mold flow suitable for thin parts
    • Handles complex shapes
    • Typical TPE molding temperatures and conditions
      • Process temps ~340-375ºF (171-190ºC)
      • Mold temps ~104-122ºF (40-50ºC)
  • Made in USA – domestic production meets all IIJA Buy America Act requirements
  • Reduced reliance on crude markets equals less price volatility
  • Cost effective and sustainable without green premium

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