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Custom Compounding Solutions

PRISM works directly with customers to develop custom compounded solutions. These solutions can be press-ready compounds or masterbatches depending upon application and production requirements.
This capability is enhanced by our on-site material development labs and pilot production line. We support the development of both thermoplastic and thermoset rubber applications.
Past successes have included cost effective TPEs (Thermoplastic Elastomers) with 50% post-consumer recycle content for floor mats, high post-consumer recycle content polypropylene injection molding compounds for consumer goods, wood plastic composites for the pet market, and improved impact resistance masterbatch for clarified copolymer polypropylene parts.  
A partial list of our testing and pilot capabilities includes:
  • Berstorff 25 mm twin screw extruder
  • 85-ton injection molding press with ASTM tools
  • Instron and Shimadzu load frames
  • Gardner & notched Izod impact tests
  • Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)
We also have a capable rubber compounding lab, including:
  • Formulating lab with 3 kg internal rubber mixer
  • Calendaring and two roll mills
  • ASTM sample preparation and dies
  • TA Mooney Viscosity
  • TA Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA)

Carbelene CL is a family of Impact Resistant Clarified Polypropylene Compounds and Masterbatches for use in industrial and consumer applications where clarity and high impact resistance are needed.
Press ready compounds and masterbatches offering…
  • Significantly improved impact properties (direct & notched)
  • Improved low temperature impact properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Superior clarity (no flowlines or swirling)
  • A broad range of flexural properties
  • Ability to be over molded or tinted
  • No drying requirements
  • Melt flows from 2 – 75 gr/10min
  • Low specific gravity <0.90

Barkolene is a family of Wood Fiber Reinforced Compounds. . .
  • Available in engineering, commodity & biobased resins
  • Using a variety of different wood fibers depending on application
  • Has a unique wood aesthetic
  • Press ready or masterbatch with let-down ratios of up to 30%
  • High bio-content that does not compete with food or lumber production.
Potential Applications
  • Consumer products (trays, bowls, office accessories, etc.) are enhanced with the aesthetics of the wood look.
  • High volume consumer products that require biobased, green or biodegradable components to reduce waste and meet regulatory requirements.
Applications requiring high flexural modulus (wood content adds stiffness to finished parts).
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