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Team Growth at Prism

At Prism Worldwide, we’ve had an incredibly productive first quarter. We built tremendous talent in our team with the addition of: 

  • Mark Kinkelaar, Chief Commercial Officer 
  • Sharene Nelson, Chief Financial Officer.  

Mark brings a wealth of sales, marketing and technical experience. Sharene comes to us from the sustainable forestry business.  

The ability to attract talented professionals to in a tight employment market speaks volumes about our technology—and our mission—to offer circular polymer alternatives. 

Our technology development at our Reno facility is also moving at a fast pace. We are a few weeks away from supplying key customers with “virgin-like” polymer samples that are derived from end-of-life auto and truck tires and recycled plastics. These samples will be used in compounded polymers for injection molding of: 

  • New products 
  • Asphalt road 
  • Asphalt tile 
  • Roofing materials 

At Prism, we’re also driven by the knowledge that for each pound of our “circular polymers” that replace virgin polymers, we drive a significant reduction in carbon emissions. 

I am proud to report that will be supplying circulars polymers to several customers in Q2.  It’s good for our shareholders, our employees, our customers, and our planet.