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ViaTec Logo
Prism ViaTec™ is a family of performance oriented polymers used to modify asphalt products. ViaTec, a sustainable polymer created from recycled tire feedstock, is intended to be used as a stand-alone additive or incorporated with other polymers for additional benefit.
ViaTec Features:
  • Designed to modify asphalt systems in a broad range of applications:
    • Hot Mix
    • Asphalt Emulsions
    • Crack Seal
    • Asphalt Roofing
  • Functional in many different asphalt bases –
    (Tested with Table I and Table II asphalts)
  • Widens PG Grades by improving both upper and lower ends
  • Does not exhibit settlement issues
ViaTec Benefits:
  • Manufactured in US
  • Not tied to crude oil markets = less price fluctuations
  • Sustainable – manufactured from recycled materials
  • Lower in greenhouse gas emissions than virgin polymers
  • Add at the plant or in the field as a dry additive
  • Blends easily and produces high solubility (~99 %) after 30-45 minutes @ 300-325F
                     ViaTec testing results @ 10% and 7.5% addition rate in a standard Table II asphalt: 


Packaging and Contact Information:
  • Dry additive in 2000# Supersacks
  • FOB Sodus, NY 
  • For more information email: or call:
    Scott Dmytrow @ (916) 825.9415 or Kenney Boyd @ (206) 715.721

Download the ViaTec Brochure