In a world facing climate change, resource loss, and increased demands for rubberized products in commercial, industrial, and residential applications, we can be a part of the solution. Our focus is on changing people’s lives for the better by cleaning up the environment while addressing customers’ needs for raw materials that also reduce their carbon footprint.

Transforming industries & conquering a global environmental threat

The current and urgent challenges to the rubber industry can be dramatically reduced by reusing 100% crumb tire rubber in new and continuously reusable products. The EU has designated natural rubber as one of the 17 essential materials that could disrupt the economy if it was in short supply. This resource issue is so great that millions of dollars are being invested in crops worldwide to create additional sources of natural rubber. With our PTR™ technology, we can substantially reduce the demand on natural rubber.

Prism™ processes provide a performance oriented, cost-effective material that offers a strong environmental benefit and up to 86% lower greenhouse gases than virgin synthetic rubber.